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Never Forget ~ 9-11-01

Never Forget

September 11, 2001


Biker Events Magazine Now Has a Blog!!

Welcome to the new Biker Events Magazine Blog! Here we will post and share a variety of things and bits of information. They might be something as simple as one of the team members thoughts on something, or a short write up on an event we have attended, or what ever. We hope you enjoy!

The Biker Events Magazine Facebook page has actually been around for a few years, but our website has only been active for about 6 months, with its soft launch around April of 2017. Since then, we've been diligently busy revamping our sites with lots of new stuff. The team has been busy going to events in our respective local areas, taking pictures and getting our name out there. We post the pictures here, on Facebook and on Instagram. Please check us out o...